A Sceptic´s Guide to Magic STEAM KEY REGION FREE
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A Sceptic´s Guide to Magic STEAM KEY REGION FREE


После покупки данного товара вы мгновенно получаете лицензионный ключ от игры A Sceptic´s Guide to Magic для платформы Steam. Данный продукт не имеет региональных ограничений и может быть активирован в любой стране.
"A Sceptic´s Guide to Magic" is an exciting new adventure game from the creator of The Deed and The Space Pilgrim Saga.

The Story
Having spent years working as a forensic investigator, Lester Chapman has seen his fair share of disturbing crime scenes. However, nothing could prepare him for witnessing the dark primordial forces at work in his latest case. As he delves deeper into this mystery, the realms of science and magic collide, and cracks begin to form in his rigid perception of the world.

Fianna and Val are teenage witches who have lost their friend to a bloody ritual murder. They will stop at nothing to find the ones responsible, even if it means enlisting the help of a man who seems to have little faith in their magical abilities ...
A World of Magic
Follow Lester Chapman as he becomes initiated into the arcane mysteries of magic, studiously learning a new kind of spellcraft from an obscure tome entitled "A Sceptic´s Guide to Magic."

Gather ingredients and other necessary items to create your potions and cast your spells. Combine this with traditional investigation and puzzle-solving to unravel the sinister truth behind the murder case.
Engaging point-and-click gameplay similar to the classic Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games of the 90s!
A world inspired by English magic and folklore, as well as ancient Greek mythology!
Play as both the primary character of Lester and the secondary character of Fianna the witch!
More than twenty spells to cast and dozens of magical ingredients to collect!
Explore over twenty locations across the city of Birmingham, England, many of which are based on real-life places!
Nine chapters, several possible endings, plus a hidden bonus chapter featuring a new playable character!

📝 Инструкция по активации ключа в сервисе Steam:
1. Запустите Steam.
2. Войдите в свой аккаунт или создайте новый.
3. В верхнем меню окна Steam выберите пункт меню "Игры" --> "Активировать через Steam"
4. Примите условия соглашения и введите полученный ключ.
5. Следуйте инструкции по установке игры.

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